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User Instructions and Guide

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Initial LOGIN Adding Teachers View Student History Initial LOGIN
Change Password Selecting Class Tests View Class History Class Selection
Adding Class Information Adding a New Student View Test History Class Details
Adding Students by Class Allocating Test RPL   Test Details
Adding Individual Student Printing Safety Certificates   Safe Work Test
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Open the ACEPro launching icon.

It should be located by the IT section to a suitable application launching directory on your network.

The default Username and Password to open ACEPro as the Administrator is:

Username:  admin

Password:  onguard


This will open the next page - Teacher Entry.


Teacher Entry

This is the next page - Teacher Entry.

You will see FOUR links here:

  • Change Password

  • Reports - History

  • Manage Users

  • Manage Classes


Select the Change Password link and open the next page.

Change Password

This is the Change Password page.

Make sure you change the default password to a password of your own.

Do it now and make sure to write down the new password somewhere in case you forget it.

The new password can be a combination of text and numbers.

Logout and re login using your new password. The username will remain as admin.

Add Class

When you login for the second time, select the Manage Classes link. The Add Class page will open and you will be prompted to enter new  details in the Class Details window.

Have a complete list of classes in your faculty handy. You will need to create a ClassID for each class.

The class Name should be as long as you can make it - so it makes sense to the students.

The sample given here is:

9ITM2 - Industrial Technology - Multimedia


The data field Term is included to assist schools that have term based offerings in their school. As a rule all classes will have the number '1' entered unless the class starts in a term further into the year.


The data field Year is the year of entry - ie. 2006


Enter the class Teacher Name and then select the Add link.

Modify Class

The Modify Class page will open.

If you have prepared beforehand, have a list of the tests to be completed for each class - and they  can be selected here.

This process will not take long. It will require usually 30/40 class entries for an average school. The administrator may choose to do this for every class in their faculty.

However, individual teachers can login and carry out this step for all of their classes.

Students are added to the class here. Any new student can be added individually, as long as they have been added as a user beforehand.

The process to do this is explained further on.

Make sure to select the Save link after entering the class details.


Add Students to Class

The Modify Class page will allow you to add a full class of students in a couple of steps.

In the Students window - select the 'Add Students as CSV Text' link.

The add ClassList page will open.

Before you can add a full class - you will need to make some preparations. Many schools use varying types databases and spreadsheets to manipulate and store student data.

To enter student data into ACEPro - this data needs to be prepared in a spreadsheet program.

FIVE fields are required in the following SPECIFIC order:

  • UserID

  • Username

  • FirstName

  • LastName

  • Year Group

Open in Notepad

You will need to prepare these lists beforehand in a spreadsheet program and then SAVE each class file as  'Text CSV' file.

Then to copy and paste the student data into ACEPro - use the 'Open With' command on each class CSV file and open in Notepad.

View List in Notepad

The class CSV file will open in Notepad and will look like this.

Be aware that some CSV file extraction will encase each data field with double quotations - "xxxx". Be sure to make changes to the save as options so these are not included.

FIVE fields are required in the following SPECIFIC order:

  • UserID

  • Username

  • FirstName

  • LastName

  • Year Group




Copy List from Notepad


The next step involves a simple 'copy' of the text data into the Add Class List window.

Paste List from Notepad


Then the next step involves a simple 'paste' of the text data into the Add Class List window.



Add Students to Class


The text data will appear in the Add Class List window. Select the Add link.

Add Students To Class - Conflicts

FOUR windows will open on this page.

Current Users: these students have already been added to ACEPro, from an earlier Add Class operation.

New Students: these students will be created in ACEPro and added to the class. By default ALL students are allocated the password: onguard. When they login for the first time they will be forced to create a new password. Teachers can 'see' the passwords typed by students and subsequently can also edit them. This is particularly favourable in the instance of an unsavory password!

The Duplicate UID and Duplicate Username sections allow the teacher to edit the entries right there to correct an incorrect uid/username from the input data. When they click 'Recheck Conflicts' this new uid/username is used to see whether a conflict still exists. If they do go back and delete the student name from the pasted CSV list in the window. Once all conflicts are resolved, the teacher is then able to 'Add Students to Class'. You will then need to add the student that caused the conflict manually. (Perhaps a student's UID is correct but their other details are not, eg, misspelled FirstName. This will show up as a Duplicate UID, because the UID already exists in the database, but doesn't match the details provided in the csv. In this case the teacher should leave the uid field alone and edit the firstname field.)

Add User - Teachers

This will open the Add User page and you will be prompted to enter new User Details.

Take the time enter all of the STAFF members in your faculty, including support staff. If you do not have specific ID for the staff you can make up a series at this point. Each staff member will require their own UserID.

The Username in ACEPro is typically, firstname first letter, lastname - no space.

At this point enter ALL staff member's password as 'pass'.

In the Year Group data field - leave blank.

User Type must be selected as Teacher from the dropdown menu.

Select Add when complete.

Modify User - Select Teachers Classes


At this point you will need to decide if you will require the STAFF to complete the safety tests that will be allocated to each class.

This next window is used to add teachers as users of ACEPro - users implying persons required to do tests.

You can then allocate to each staff member, the classes they have on the timetable.

Finish entering staff class allocations and navigate back to the Teacher Entry page and select the Manage Classes link.



Manage Classes

You will see a list of the classes you have previously entered.

They will group by Year Group - in alphanumeric order.

Use this page to check for typing errors and incorrect data in the different fields.

Note the DELETE function - be very sure of your action before selecting this icon!






Modify Class

This is the page where individual teachers can enter after login do the following:

+ Delete a student from their class

+ Add a student to their class (transfer or new)

+ Select the safety tests that are to be completed by that class.

+ Rollover the class into the next semester or the next year.

Rollover the Class

After selecting the Rollover link this page will open.

This is used where classes follow on into the next semester or the next year.

eg. Yr 9 IndTech into Yr10 IndTech

You will need to change:

+ New Class ID

+ Class Name

+ Term

+ Year

+ Teacher Name

You MUST rollover classes if you wish to maintain an ongoing record or their training.

Modify Class - Select Tests

This is the page where individual teachers can enter after login and select the safety tests that are to be completed by the students in that particular class.

You must select the Select Modify Class Tests link.

This page will open allowing you to multi-pick tests from the Test Category appropriate to the class selected.

Select the tests required - one at a time.

To de-select if you select the wrong test just click on the tick in the check box.


Add User - New Student

At the Teacher Entry page, select the Manage Users link.

This will open the Add Users page.

All students can be selected from this page as well.

Select the Add User link at the top of the page.

Add User - New Student

The Add User page will open.

Enter details into all of the fields.

Be sure to have Student selected in the drop down menu.

Allocate the password 'onguard'.

Select the Add link to finish.

Add User - New Student

The page will re-fresh and the details entered will appear.

Two more windows will appear.

Classes: depending on the year group of the student, the drop down menu will permit selection of classes from that particular year group. Select the class/s you wish to add the student to and then select the Add Class link.

Test Completion: this window permits the teacher to grant RPL to a student. There are many reasons why this is done, ie transfer from another school and the student has proof of RPL. Select the Test Category, then select the test from the drop down menu. Select the Test Completed link. The date can be edited as well. Competency Demonstrated can be dealt with in the same manner.

Select the Certificate link and print for the student.

Student Reports - Test History

Open the Teacher Entry page.

Select the Reports - History link.

Student Reports - Test History

The Reports - History page will open. You can elect to view history (records) in THREE ways.

View Student History: Select a Year Group, the drop down menu will refresh. Open and select the student, then select the Show History link. A new window will open showing the tests allocated to this student's class/s and will indicate if they are incomplete or the date they were successfully completed.

View Class History: Select the class required from the drop down menu, then select the Show History link. Same as above except as a class list, students listed down the page - tests listed across the page.

View Test History: Select the Test Category. The drop down menu with re-fresh. Select the test required and then select the Show History link. Every student who has had this test allocated to their class will be presented and will indicate if they are incomplete or the date they were successfully completed.

Reports - History

Selection - View Student History

The Year 7 group has been selected, and only names of Year 7 students will appear in the drop down box.

Reports - History

View Student History sample

The Test Completed date is generated and placed on record after the successful completion of a Safe Work Test.

The Competency Demonstrated is allocated by the class teacher after he/she is satisfied that the student fulfills all of the requirements to safely use the item of equipment or process.

The Competency Demonstrated field may not be considered an important inclusion to some schools and therefore not used.

It is a recent addition that does facilitate the recording of student competency, as required by some education authorities.



Reports - History

Selection - View Class History

A drop down box is presented and the classes are listed alphanumerically and by (Term, Year) entry.

Reports - History

View Class History sample

Student name are listed alphabetically on the left. The tests allocated to the class are listed across as columns.

Each student's record is listed. The date on top (larger font size) is the Test completion date. 

The date below (smaller font size) is the date that the teacher has allocated to indicate competency demonstrated.

Reports - History

Selection - View Test History

By selecting the Test Category first, a drop down list of the tests allocated will present.

Select the required test and then select the Show History link.

Reports - History

View Test History sample

Every class that has had a particular test allocated will show up.

This is a particularly useful tool for Heads of Department to view. 

It indicates a glance which students have not yet completed the necessary training and testing for a specific item of equipment.


Student Entry

The default password for all students is 'onguard'.

ALL students will be forced to change the password when they open ACEPro for the first time.

Teachers can 'see' the passwords typed by students and subsequently - can also edit them. This is particularly favourable in the instance of an unsavory password!


Student Entry - Class Selection

The next page will greet the student and require him/her to choose the class they wish to view.

Some students, particularly in the senior school, will have a number of class entries in ACEPro.

The student selects the required class link.


Student Entry - Class Details

This page sets out the tests to be completed in the class.

Any tests already completed will have the date of completion displayed.

The student selects the required test link.


Student Entry - Test Details

This page will open.

It confirms that the student has selected the correct test in the correct class.

To move on the student selects the Do the Safe Work Test link.

Student Entry - Safe Work Test

The Safe Work Test will open.

The student MUST read the test instructions carefully.

The student works through the test until a score of 100% is achieved.

In the event that an error is made the student is to re-fresh the test by selecting the Re-Do Test button.


Student Entry - Certificate of Safety

Upon 100% completion of the 'Safe Work Test', the student is required to select the Generate Certificate link, located at the bottom left hand side of the window, below the on-screen certificate.

The window may have to be scrolled down to see this link.


Student Entry - Test Duplication

If the student selects to complete a test that has already been completed - they will be prompted with a message indicating that they have already completed the test.

Teachers may in fact REQUEST that students take the test again, for reasons such as improper or unsafe behaviour - contrary to instruction!